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Computational Fairy Tales

I found this book yesterday morning and wanted to pass it on especially since right now I'm teaching programming to a fine group of high-school/junior high students.

I purchased the ebook and have been reading it. I've found it fun and humorous while at the same time it does a good job introducing programming concepts. I really like it.

Click here for the paperback
Click here for the ebook.


Computational Fairy Tales

The book is very good for programmers and actually quite entertaining. According to review, the book is very to understand and useful for beginners. I have never read a book that involves computer science in such creativity and knowledge.

OnePlus 5 specification

OnePlus 5 which is very amazing, but these are just an expectation, it may slightly vary. So now we can just hope that the famous smartphone company makes our hope down by launching old features gadgets.OnePlus 5 release date

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You can always use Google to find the default login details for your router IP address

new year wishes

New Year is the perfect time for everyone to make a good New Year resolution and stand on that throughout the year

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