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Dom Monster!

In one of my recent projects we had issues with performance. Now, we weren't too awful worried about it because it was at its core simply a prototype.

However, as we scrap that and move to doing it for real we want to make sure we head off potential issues before they are no longer "potential" and become reality. Most of our issues were caused by the sheer weight we were putting on the DOM as a result of how we were using our chosen tools. I have been thinking for a while that we needed a lightweight tool that would be able to analyze the DOM and hopefully give even more information.

Today another developer let the cat out of the bag on a tool he's been using and none of use knew about. This tool is called Dom Monster. It's so lightweight that you simply run a short javascript snippet from the address bar or even better, simply bookmark it by dragging the link on their page to your bookmark bar.


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