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List of full projects

Sweeper - A Visual Studio 2008/2010 Add-in for Code Formatting aimed at C# StyleCop compliance. This is an open-source project hosted on codeplex. The purpose of the application is to correct code issues found by StyleCop.
Project Duration: 2010-2012

Viking - A board game in Silverlight 5 created in less than 24 hours. See my blog for more information about how it was created. The game is based upon an old board game believed to be from the time of vikings. The game runs in-browser and supports either 2 human players or the user may play against an AI. The AI utilitizes a three-level minimax tree with alpha/beta pruning.
Project Duration: 2012

Squamster - A 3d mesh painter for the Ogre3d graphics engine. It was created using Mogre, a .Net wrapper for the engine. I created it as a tool for performing basic painting. It has several limitations, several due specifically to design flaws.
Project Duration: 2008-2009

Independent game development portfolio