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Sweeper Alpha 3

Newest Sweeper Release:

So I found the first major bugs in sweeper and stomped them good.

Most importantly I found that if the first element within the file had an attribute sorting elements within that class would fail. It ended up that somehow it would end up grabbing an unlimited amount of empty CodeElements in an infinite loop.

Secondly, I found that sorting elements within a class was detecting incorrectly whether the class needed to be sorted or not - it was reporting incorrect values causing classes that shouldn't have been sorted to be re-sorted and classes that needed to be sorted were not.

Finally, if enabled, GhsotDoc was being run AFTER the spacing correction on comments such that comments would be added by GhostDoc that could be formatted incorrectly.

The newest release resolves all of these issues.


Yeah the Sweeper Alpha 3

Yeah the Sweeper Alpha 3 still contains some bugs around although you've done some impressive works in stopping the earlier ones. I had been to and they've shown how much critical could Sweeper Alpha 3 prove for our industry.

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