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Sweeper on CodePlex

I've been away on vacation, immediately followed by moving. A bright side to moving other than a fresh location and saving a lot of money on rent is that I got to switch away from my old connection I was paying a total of about $65/month for a phone I never used + 3Mb DSL to paying roughly $38/month for 10Mb Cable. However, due to vacation and moving I haven't been able to work much on my side projects or updating my blog. I'd really planned on keeping this updated at least 3 posts/week. Lets see if we can get that back on track.

I've now released Sweeper on CodePlex including providing the source.

I'm 100% open to critique on both individual code snippets and overall architecture. The page can be found here:

It's licensed as GPLv2. As a tool it's free for personal and commercial use, but any derivative works must follow the GPL license.