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Sweeper Sneak Peek - Alpha 1

So I've made quite a few touchups and bugfixes, added a UI for options, and added an installer. The new options UI dialog is in WPF but isn't fancily styled.

It installs off a single MSI which does all the work. Simply install it and it will add the appropriate commands to the "Tools" menu.

Please keep in mind this is an ALPHA. While I have run it on larger projects without any problems, I make no guarantees. I appreciate any testing you can do - especially over large codebases, but please be smart about it. Also keep in mind that running stylecop saves your files.

The only time I've ever broken code has been with preprocessor directives on sorting elements within classes. #region and #endregion break this functionality. I currently have a warning before it runs that allows you to skip that task on that file. It will display the error if you're using any preprocessor directives whatsoever, however if the directives are inside a function, constructor, property, or outside of any class it will not break. This problem only affects directives at the class level.

This addin is only for Visual Studio 2008 and requires .NET 3.5.

Download Here


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