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Upgrading to Windows 8 - Microsoft & nVidia Fail

So I decided to take the plunge and run an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I've heard from those that I've talked to that it should be a painless process and works great. I plan on blogging my initial thoughts on the operating system, it's usability, and eventually developing for the windows 8 platform via both the xaml and html 5 paradigms.

Installation - a little disappointing

I ran the installer and after a really long time sitting around with it checking compatibility on all my programs I had to uninstall a couple things - one being the wifi software on my laptop. I figured it was no big deal, I'm sure I'll find another wifi driver. The other was an internet security package that came on my laptop that I have never used so all-in-all nothing big. I plugged in using an ethernet cable so windows 8 would pull updates and figured everything was hunky-dory.

The problem arose when...

it started to actually install. How far do you think it got? 10%? 90%?... no, the X% didn't even pop up. Surely a professional piece of software like this should give a meaningful error message that will some hint as to what actually went wrong and/or how to fix it, right? Right? ... pleeease?

No, I received the error message:

"Windows 8 installation has failed"


... thats... helpful?

Nothing. After being presented with only an "OK" button, the installer exits. So much for being friendly to the end-user. So after googling it, I found where the find the error log.

It's in a hidden folder... "$Windows.~BR" a sub-folder called ...Logs? Errors? WhatWentWrong?"Sources\Panther". At least the file is called "setuperr.log" (for those looking to copy/paste this it's c:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther\setuperr.log)

What's the error?

  1. User profile duplicate SID error. Aborting due to external request.[gle=0x000000cb]
  2. MigStartupOnline caught exception: Win32Exception: User profile duplicate SID error. Aborting due to external request.: The specified user does not have a valid profile. [0x000004E5] void __cdecl Mig::COnlineWinNTPlatform::ProcessUser(class Mig::CRegistryDataStore *,class Mig::CRegistryDataUnit *,class UnBCL::String *,class UnBCL::String *,int,int)
  3. pUpgLayerDoMainGather: Engine initialization failed with error: 0x00000004

After looking up the user profiles I find a profile I didn't create. "Updatus User"... So I google THAT now. What I find is that nVidia creates these dummy profiles for it's nVidia Updater. UNINSTALL! Then double check and make sure the dummy profiles were removed.

Windows 8 is now installing for me at about 67%. We'll see if it goes off without a hitch from here.

Well done nVidia, creating 2 user profiles with the same name... sure... That won't cause problems.

Well done Microsoft, way to error gracefully in a way that is actually helpful to the user.

For the most part both of these companies do good work. But this time? Epic fail.


Same problem! (((( Lot of

Same problem! ((((
Lot of graphic artefacts while installation. Next reboot and recovery W7

Graphic artifacts

Hmm...I haven't had any problems with graphics artifacts.

As a side-note to this article I installed Windows 8 on another computer as a Windows 7 upgrade (ATI graphics) and it ran just fine.

Windows update

The Windows updates are a pain in the neck, especially the 8 update. I took tips from rushmypapers me website to carefully build up the update process. I am sure that many of the people would have found the same problem. Microsoft, being such a huge company should be more responsible while providing updates.


I for one cherish a portion of the new components Windows 8 offers, even with the once in a while peculiar interface. Having the capacity to rapidly close down or suspend by moving the mouse cursor to the base right or have a propelled review of every open program and their asset use truly bails me out once a day. Write an Essay For Me. Smashing the Windows key and looking for something is speedy and straightforward, and my capacity clusters have never been this responsive.

You could moreover go to

You could moreover go to NVIDIA download page to physically download the driver, or get them via a opportune drivers download helpfulness.

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Windows 8 is extraordinary!

Windows 8 is extraordinary! Everybody here saying it's carriage as well as moderate are either giving you their experience with the beta, for the most part have a terrible feeling of it, or there is something in a general sense amiss with their equipment and they ought to presumably investigate it. UK Essays I have introduced it on heaps of frameworks for companions/family and for individual utilize. When I say parcels, I mean LOTS. I utilize it on numerous gadgets from a 1ghz tablet to a twin Xeon 24 center desktop with 16 GB of RAM, to virtual machines on VMware and VirtualBox.


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These errors are common.

These errors are common. Sometimes it is your hard disk (SSID) problem may be it is broken. Well if you want to know more visit this site

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I stature it was no major ordeal, I'm certain I'll discover a different wi-fi driver. The further was a web security bundle that went ahead my portable workstation to Do My Assignment For Me I comprise not at all utilized so with everything taken into account nothing huge.

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