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Useful web development tool: Fiddler

I know quite a few people who are unaware that this tool exists and I wanted to point it out. It's called "Fiddler".

I was informed of its existence and it's become really useful at work. Any of the other guys I work with may not find this a very useful post to them but hopefully it will help others.

Using fiddler, you can very closely inspect all requests going from a web page to its appropriate web service. This is extremely useful in trying to figure out what going in and out from your web page or service.

Additionally for those that aren't aware, here are a few more tools I've found useful in web development:

  • Firebug - lots of debugging options right there in FireFox
  • FileZilla - A free FTP program. It's got a ton of features and it's far superior in quality than many of the other free alternatives.
  • PSPad - A great text editor that includes syntax highlighting and even basic language documentation and intellisense. Very configurable.