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Windows 8 App Store Development - License issues

I had some issues with gaining a developer's license. Visual Studio 2012 and Powershell were both unable to obtain a license. After some research I found that this seemed to be common to upgrades from Windows 7 to Windows 8. Additionally, I had already had Visual Studio 2012 installed before the update.

It seemed to be a variety of different error codes - many of which didn't apply to me.

I didn't find that windows update had any updates for me - required or otherwise. However, this seemed to fix the issue anyway:

Windows 8 - User Impressions

I know the last post came down on Windows 8 a bit but I'm ready to move beyond and get into what the operating system itself is really like. I've had some time to work with Windows 8 and there's some things I really like and some things that I think need polish. I approached it from the standpoint of the modern user. The modern user isn't going to read help files unless something is majorly wrong. They aren't going to study how to use Windows. They are just going to approach it using the tried and true methods of the past and adjusting as they need to.

Upgrading to Windows 8 - Microsoft & nVidia Fail

So I decided to take the plunge and run an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I've heard from those that I've talked to that it should be a painless process and works great. I plan on blogging my initial thoughts on the operating system, it's usability, and eventually developing for the windows 8 platform via both the xaml and html 5 paradigms.

Installation - a little disappointing

I ran the installer and after a really long time sitting around with it checking compatibility on all my programs I had to uninstall a couple things - one being the wifi software on my laptop. I figured it was no big deal, I'm sure I'll find another wifi driver. The other was an internet security package that came on my laptop that I have never used so all-in-all nothing big. I plugged in using an ethernet cable so windows 8 would pull updates and figured everything was hunky-dory.

The problem arose when...

Computational Fairy Tales

I found this book yesterday morning and wanted to pass it on especially since right now I'm teaching programming to a fine group of high-school/junior high students.

I purchased the ebook and have been reading it. I've found it fun and humorous while at the same time it does a good job introducing programming concepts. I really like it.

Click here for the paperback
Click here for the ebook.

Bulk Unblocking DLLs in Windows

This is something I've needed a couple times that has been useful. There have been a few times primarily when I'm downloading a zipped hotfix that the dlls I need to overwrite with are blocked since they've been downloaded and windows automatically marks them as blocked. This isn't that much of an inconvenience if it's 1 or 2 dlls but when we're talking about dozens this can get rather annoying.

You can, however, use the "Streams" application from SysInternals here:


Usage: streams [-s] [-d] <file or directory>

-s Recurse subdirectories.
-d Delete streams.
Streams takes wildcards e.g. 'streams *.txt'.