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Sweeper Beta 2

A couple fixes and features in this build:

  • Adds a copyright task.
  • Adds a context menu
  • Fixes an issue with multiple projects
  • Fixes an issue with sorting elements

you can find it at

Dom Monster!

In one of my recent projects we had issues with performance. Now, we weren't too awful worried about it because it was at its core simply a prototype.

However, as we scrap that and move to doing it for real we want to make sure we head off potential issues before they are no longer "potential" and become reality. Most of our issues were caused by the sheer weight we were putting on the DOM as a result of how we were using our chosen tools. I have been thinking for a while that we needed a lightweight tool that would be able to analyze the DOM and hopefully give even more information.

Sweeper Beta 1, now also for VS 2010!

Been a while since I posted but I thought I'd mention that I released Beta 1 of Sweeper. No major changes since alpha except that it also installs for Visual Studio 2010. The same installer will install for both or either - whatever you have installed.

Names from a Digital Hat

So going on the second year now instead of everybody giving everybody else gifts and having a hard time money-wise and what to get who, we thought it best to do sort of a "secret santa" thing and allow one big gift. So instead of having to buy quite a few separate gifts of varying quality and cost, we instead get one nice gift for a specific person. This process had some obvious rules:

  1. Can't get yourself
  2. Can't get your spouse
  3. Children aren't included

These were the rules we went by. For rule #3 we simply didn't put the children's names in the hat. For 1 and 2, we kept having to repick if the name wasn't appropriate. This also might mean completely redoing everything if there were no options when it got down to the last couple names.

Sweeper Alpha 3

Newest Sweeper Release:

So I found the first major bugs in sweeper and stomped them good.

Most importantly I found that if the first element within the file had an attribute sorting elements within that class would fail. It ended up that somehow it would end up grabbing an unlimited amount of empty CodeElements in an infinite loop.

Secondly, I found that sorting elements within a class was detecting incorrectly whether the class needed to be sorted or not - it was reporting incorrect values causing classes that shouldn't have been sorted to be re-sorted and classes that needed to be sorted were not.