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Another obsolete browser detection method.

A few posts ago I posted a bit of JavaScript I had written that detects if the user is running an obsolete version of IE and warns in an unobtrusive manner that the user needs to update their browser.

There's another version out that looks to be much more robust. There's another bit of code called jReject.

I'm now using jReject for any browser that isn't up to date.

Dragon Age Toolset - Move NPC to waypoint

I've been playing around with the Dragon Age Toolset. I've spent the majority of time with it on level design. However, now that I've got a level area nicely fleshed out I've been doing a bit more with conversations and scripting in order to proceed with storyline and character interaction.

One of the issues I had was simply getting an NPC to move from one spot to another. The samples I found were incomplete or poorly written. The following is syntactically correct and works nicely.

Most of it is self-explanatory however the CommandMoveToLocation is the important bit. The second boolean argument is of note and determines whether the NPC walks or runs.

  1. void main()
  2. {

Useful web development tool: Fiddler

I know quite a few people who are unaware that this tool exists and I wanted to point it out. It's called "Fiddler".

I was informed of its existence and it's become really useful at work. Any of the other guys I work with may not find this a very useful post to them but hopefully it will help others.

Using fiddler, you can very closely inspect all requests going from a web page to its appropriate web service. This is extremely useful in trying to figure out what going in and out from your web page or service.

Additionally for those that aren't aware, here are a few more tools I've found useful in web development:

IE and Progress

Most anybody who has dealt with web development has encountered frustrations dealing with one browser specifically...Internet Explorer.

Like many others, I'm sick of it.

IE 6 is dead, and IE 7 still needs to die. By today's standards they just do not live up to expectations any more. They are buggy, they are insecure, and they stifle web development progress. Oftentimes I end up working on issues where IE is the only thing broken. Programmers have to put various HACKS into their javascript and CSS only to appease the simple fact that the majority of their customers are still using IE6 and 7 and they dont' want to rock their customers' boat.

Luckily, I don't have that problem and can rock the boat.

Sweeper Alpha 2

I've received little or no feedback on Sweeper.

However, I'm still convinced it's useful and takes a bit of the pain away. I've made a couple improvements including:

  • Sorting elements within classes also sorts interfaces and structs.
  • Sorting elements within class/interface/struct doesn't sort if it doesn't need to.
  • Moving Usings no longer inserts a new line to start inserting usings if there's no usings to insert.

It can be found at