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Sweeper on CodePlex

I've been away on vacation, immediately followed by moving. A bright side to moving other than a fresh location and saving a lot of money on rent is that I got to switch away from my old connection I was paying a total of about $65/month for a phone I never used + 3Mb DSL to paying roughly $38/month for 10Mb Cable. However, due to vacation and moving I haven't been able to work much on my side projects or updating my blog. I'd really planned on keeping this updated at least 3 posts/week. Lets see if we can get that back on track.

I've now released Sweeper on CodePlex including providing the source.

I'm 100% open to critique on both individual code snippets and overall architecture. The page can be found here:

NHibernate - Using ADO to avoid congestion on ingestion

As I've been learning NHibernate over the past week I've found the actually functionality of it to be incredibly clean and simple once the framework is in. For example, I have some of the following functions in my DAO:

  1.         /// <summary>
  2.         /// Gets the customer for a specific ID.
  3.         /// </summary>
  4.         /// <param name="customerId">The ID of the customer to retrieve.</param>
  5.         /// <returns>A customer for a given ID.</returns>
  6.         [Transaction(ReadOnly = true)]
  7.         public CustomerGet(int customerId)
  8.         {
  9.             return CurrentSession.Get<Customer>(customerId);
  10.         }
  12.         /// <summary>

Sweeper Sneak Peek - Alpha 1

So I've made quite a few touchups and bugfixes, added a UI for options, and added an installer. The new options UI dialog is in WPF but isn't fancily styled.

It installs off a single MSI which does all the work. Simply install it and it will add the appropriate commands to the "Tools" menu.

Please keep in mind this is an ALPHA. While I have run it on larger projects without any problems, I make no guarantees. I appreciate any testing you can do - especially over large codebases, but please be smart about it. Also keep in mind that running stylecop saves your files.

Calling Built-in, or Add-in functionality from another Visual Studio Add-in or Macro

As a part of the Visual Studio add-in I'm creating for code formatting I'm calling 2 built-in functions.

  • "Edit.RemoveAndSort"
  • "Edit.FormatDocument"

These 2 are functions I use all the time as I code to keep things neat and tidy. I've found it great to automate these within my addin so that I don't have to worry quite so much about accidentally messing up indents and such.

Side Project: Sweeper

So aside from a couple more minor touchups on the blog's theme, I'm also working fairly-actively on an add-in for Visual Studio. I plan on open-sourcing it although I have not yet done so. I'm not sure how exactly I want to release it and exactly what license I want to use.